Samui Ang Thong Island Hopping

Ang Thong
          A short boat ride from Koh Samui, Ang Thonq (meaning ‘golden bowl’), occupies almost 250 sq. kilometers and includes 50 sq kilometers of limestone islands. Most of the islands are close to each other making a breathtaking panorama of a forest rising from the sea. Within Ang Thong, there is an impressive amount of wildlife—including dolphins—living in the sea.
          Under the sea, caves in many of the islands have intriguing rock formations. The beaches are surrounded with excellent coral reefs which make for perfect swimming and snorkeling. Here is where you can find elephant tusk coral, brain coral, and stagshorn coral reefs. Wildlife found inhabiting these reefs includes; butterfly fish, angelfish, parrotfish, stingrays, grouper and even black tip shark.

          Alt the 40 of set islands are of differentsizes and shapes/most of them in verdant tropicaFfeeit after their distinguishing such as ftoh.Wua Ta Lap’   ( Sleeping Cow island) and ‘Keh Sam Sao’ (Three Pillar island).

          Of all of them, Mae Ko (stand (the Mother Island) is a must visit; Here a perfectfy calm emerald seawater take lies in the middle of the island, encircled by limestone cliffs; an underground tunnel connects it with the sea outside, You can also climb from the Ang Thong National Marine Park to the edge of the iake for a rewarding and spectacular view across the whole park.

          The best time for visiting Ang Thong is between February and April Although the temperature is quite hot, the seas are cairn and suitable for sailing. During monsoon season (from November to December) the Gulf of Thailand experiences high winds and big waves. Traveling to Ang Thong National Park, Surat Than) Province is not safe and the park is closed at this time.

          The most common method of getting there is to join a tour boat taking 40-50 people, with lunch on board. Or else you can take speedboat tours, which also provides snorkeiing. The best way is to put together a group of friends to hire a boat and explore the islands and beaches in your own time. Hundreds of beaches here in the archipelago are deserted. So get a boat and find your own secret beach away from the madding crowds.


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