Pattaya Your Villa by the Beach

          Hailing house owners in Thailand, the tourist peak period provides you with an opportunity to make your investment more profitable and cover your maintenance costs. A survey among 1500 tourists of all nationalities has ranked Thailand as the best holiday destination in terms of quality and cost of living. Idyllic beaches and a friendly population may attract the tourists, but quality and cost of living are decisive factors.

          In terms of accommodations, looking at the 13.8 million visitors who set foot in Thailand in 2006 (according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand), a new trend is emerging with accommodation in luxury villas. This is the ideal solution for large families or couples or friends traveling together as it combines family life and exclusive services plus intimate atmosphere for couples. This innovative way of enjoying a retreat can be less expensive than renting a room in a luxury hotel.
          For those who have bought residential real estate property, the management corporation will usually deal with all the technical aspects of the rental process. The services of a real estate agency or a company specialised in seasonal rentals can assist with the other matters. The cost is between 15-30% of your rental revenues, depending whether the package includes marketing and promotion of your property. Rental can be on a monthly or weekly basis, or even daily if your property has a hotel type management.
          Properties in the super luxury category should have great locales, be it by the beach or in the countryside, as long as they feature stunning vistas. Luxuries like a private swimming pool, a chauffeur and private chefs plus services like daily cleaning and gardening services are must-haves. Should you already have such employees, do not hesitate to use their services: they will keep a watchful eye on your property plus the tenants will appreciate their experience and knowledge of the surroundings. Your agency will also be able to help you find qualified staff, setting up a hotline and even make bookings (boats, green fees etc.).
          The average rental for a three-bedroom villa from average to the most luxurious ones, is between Bht 8,000 and 17,000 per night. During the peak season, the best properties can command rates of up to Bht 80,000 per night! It is not really viable though to rent during the low season as the competition is strong and as a result, prices tend to drop dramatically. On top of that, the ratio between the use of your villa (with the risks of impairment) and the revenues you may gain, is simply not worth it.

          It is highly recommended that you sign a contract with the company you have chosen defining the terms of the management of your property. This agreement will explain very clearly each parties’obligations as well as the services included in the commission, among which and above all the marketing steps in the promotion of your property: presence on the internet, ads in magazines, participation in exhibitions…
          Most importantly, make sure the agency will effectively make every ejjort to promote your property: the number and guality of existing partnerงbtpsis the key to an efficient promotion. A committed agent may ask you for exclusivity. Grant it (after you’ve done a bit of research on the agency) but only for 6 months at first. Do not forget to subscribe the necessary insurances to cover for natural catastrophes, damages or theft.
          With the agent, do insist on the quality of the inventory of fixtures at the beginning and end of the rental, and insist on having a deposit from the tenant. Also do not forget to remove any valuables or objects that you are sentimentally attached to and store them in a secure place. Don’t forget to pay your taxes (5 to 15%) and to declare your revenues if you are living in Thailand.
          With 15.4 million tourists expected in Thailand in 2008, or a forecasted revenue of Bht 600 billion, the general motivation is easily understood.
          Want more information on buying real estate with rental programmes in resort areas inThailand?
Simply contact: Cyrille Hareux – Company Vauban   Bangkok |


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