Koh-Pha-Ngan Santhiya Resort and Spa

         Located at the headland of Thong Nai Pan Beach on the northern tip of Koh Pha-ngan, Santhiya Resort and Spa exudes grandeur and majesty.

          Delve into a secluded tropical hideaway on a unique island, where all things reverberate harmony, and where lush surroundings whisks you away from time. Explore utopist panoramic views, sunrises, and indulge in a serene state of privacy in Santhiya Resort and Spa’s modern Thai teak houses.

Inspired by Nature
          Encompassing natural vegetation, cascading streams, private beaches and a tranquil bay, Santhiya was designed to embrace and entwine oneself with nature. Nature, as one will discover, is an integral part of your stay at Santhiya Resort and Spa. Perched on a mountain, yet only minutes from the beach, guests can either stroll on the grounds or call upon an electric car to assist them in exploring the countless views at Santhiya.
          A wide range of accommodation style is available at Santhiya, to suit your exacting needs. All the rooms feature modern Thai teak decor that is reminiscent of authentic Thai architecture, whilst being equipped with contemporary comforts.
          Santhiya Deluxe rooms are situated in a low-rise building, which overlooks the sea. The Santhiya Supreme Deluxe features two floors with a spacious design and panoramic view of the ocean. For a more exquisite stay, the Santhiya Villa Suite consists of both a large open-air bathroom and an enclosed bathroom. Surrounded by forest and flora, these luxurious villas provide an essence of escapism and cater to endless relaxation. Also available, are Santhiya Villas with two bedrooms, offering guests more space to enjoy their unspoiled paradise. The Santhiya Pool Villas captivates with immaculate sea views, serene surroundings, a living room, an outdoor bathroom and of course, a private pool with an enchanting view.
          Santhiya’s fitness centre is located on a hilltop, tranquilised amidst nature. Personalised fitness training sessions may also be arranged during your vacation.
          Guests can also join the yoga and meditation sessions, of which can imbue a soothing mind, body and soul.

Aryuvana Spa
          Rejuvenate yourself at Aryuvana Spa, whose name denotes Long Life, and feel physically and spiritually uplifted. Be amidst a harmonic haven, one where health and nature infuse to inject vitality and well being to your soul.
          A variety of spa packages are available along with a unique Aryuvana honeymoon couples package. All the products used in Aryuvana Spa’s treatments are derived from natural ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea, seaweed or aromatic oils like citrus mint, lavender, ylang ylang and jasmine.
          There are several spa environments with which you can choose from, to enhance your unique spa experience. Aromatherapy rooms, Thai massage and reflexology rooms, outdoor salas (Thai-style pavilions), on the brink of the swimming pool, or inside your villa, are few of the options available. Three air-conditioned treatment rooms for both single or couples are available, and are primarily used for aromatherapy massages, facial treatments, body wraps, or body scrub treatments.

          Santhiya offers an extensive variety of cuisines, restaurants and bars to suit your mood and preference. With a combination of excellent service and idyllic ambience, dining at Santhiya Resort and Spa are memorable ones.
          Chantara Restaurant offers an array of authentic Thai dishes, from enticing salads, seafood, poultry and pastas, to unique Thai desserts. An extensive international wine list is also available upon your request, including Thai premium wines to complement the Thai cuisine and the spectacular views of the bay. An air-conditioned sala is adjacent to Chantara for guests who seek a venue for private celebrations. Furthermore, set menus are available, of which encompasses the diverse tastes from the various regions ofThailand.
          Mahkok-Wine is nestled under a Mahkok tree with clear views of the swimming poo! and the surrounding natural environment. This relaxed setting offers an international selection of wine, freshly brewed coffee specialties, herbal teas, together with light meals.
Guests at Santhiya may also opt to dine by the Sea Bar.The bar is located along the waters’edge and adjacent to the swimming pool. Open for lunch and dinner, the Sea Bar is an ideal venue for alfresco dining or for a romantic evening under the moon. Wok cooking, BBQ dishes, sushi and sashimi, skewered vegetables, crisp salads, vegetarian dishes and fresh juices are few of the range of diverse cuisines available.
          Guests can indulge in a private cuisine, picnic, in-room dining in the privacy of the villa’s veranda or dine on the beach, providing for a blissful experience. Private dining can be arranged according to your choice, for simple celebrations or merely for capturing the moment with the soothing sounds of nature.

How to get there
          Direct flight services connect Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, Hong Kong, and Singapore to Samui Island. It takes 40 minutes by their round trip transfer service from Samui Airport to Santhiya Resort and Spa and from Santhiya Resort and Spa to Samui Airport by the Santhiya Speed Boat.
Santhiya Resort and Spa | 22/7 Moo 5   Bantai Koh Phangan  Suratthani | T 07 742 8999 | F 07 742 8900  info@santhiya.com | http://www.santhiya.com


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