Koh Pha Ngan Beach

          Located in the province of Surat Thani in the Southern Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan is part of a cluster of forty islands known as Samui Archipelago. The name of the island comes from the Thai word rigan, which translates to sand bars.
          Although infamous for its Full Moon Parties that draws devotees from all over the world, Koh Phangan has much more to offer visitors than just partying. The principal selling point for the island lies in its pristine beaches of which each consist of their own distinct attractions. This exciting island getaway is ideal for water-sports—snorkelling, diving, swimming and a host of other adrenaline pumping activities. The island also offers a unique experience for all nature lovers. At Phanga, it’s all about taking it easy and leaving the mainstream behind.

About The Full Moon Party

          Thousands of partygoers flock to the world’s largest and most celebrated beach party six times a year, at Phangan. Visitors constantly look forward to the Full Moon Party hosted at Haad Rin when the full moon permeates the skies. Breathtaking views of the full moon radiates at Haad Rin, and is one of the most spectacular sights one can witness of the moon in all its vivacity. Trance and house music reverberate from the multiple sound systems, whilst the energetic partys till dawn. The celebration is not to everyone’s taste, but certainly provides for a unique cultural experience.
          Had Tien is home to Sanctuary Spa and Wellness Centre, which offers a range of meditation, yoga and wellness treatment packages.
          Visitors may take an excursion to Ang Thong—a group of smaller, uninhabited atolls where striking bays and a myriad of coral formations offer excellent snorkelling opportunities. The Islands are close by, and are accessible by boat. For a more adventurous full-day expedition, take a trip to Ang Thong Marine Park, which consists of a group of 42 islands northwest of Samui. The islands boast remarkable limestone formations, caves, lagoons and beaches. At the island of Ko Wua Ta Lap, where the park headquarters are located, numerous bungalows are available for rent.
          Phangan Island is home to Phang Waterfall, the majestic waterfall that provides a dazzling view of the south and west coast of the island. Visitors whom enjoy trekking may opt to take an easy trek route to Phang Waterfall from Thongsala. The highest point on the island is the mountain viewpoint at Kao Ra. A long winding footpath leads to this 635-metre high scenic point. It is recommended to hire a guide, of which many are available at Phang Waterfall.
          Koh Phangan is accessible by boat—eitherfrom the mainland orfrom Koh Samui. Ferries run from Surat Thani or Don Sak on the mainland to Thong Sala five to six times a day and take four to five hours. From Koh Samui, there are several options: the most reliable is the ferry to Had Rin from Big Buddha pier, which is only five minutes’drive from the airport, and leaves at multiple times every day. There’s also a ferry from Nathon, which leaves for Thong Sala thrice a day.


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