Koh Chang Beach

          Known as the last paradise island in Southeast Asia, Koh Chang is the largest of the 52-island marine national parks that are undisturbed by modernisation. Its natural resources are preserved in all its glory, qualifying the park as a dream escape—an ideal hideaway that’s far from the sultry metropolitan life.
          Despite being the second largest island in Thailand, (the first being Phuket), few know of the secret wonders that Koh Chang’s Marine National Park beholds. By law, it is compulsory that almost 75% of all the marine national parks are to be protected under the jurisdiction of the Forestry Department of Thailand. Perhaps this accounts for the island being a virgin wonderland that’s shielded from extensive developments.
          Only 330 kilometre east of Bangkok, 4 hours by road, 30-45 minutes by boat and 45 minutes on a Bangkok Airway flight, Koh Chang Marine National Park is a retreat waiting to be explored. Tranquil, serene and idealistic, the island flows at its own leisurely pace, beckoning those who value nature at its best and in its most simplistic form, more so than the sophisticated luxury of modernity.
          Beaches, coves and bays craft the coastlines of Koh Chang. The island is indeed a sanctuary of enchanting natural preservation—fertile rainforests, jungles, towering peaks, cascading waterfalls, a myriad of coral reefs, fascinating flora and fauna and an abundance of exotic marine life.
          With the increasing economic potential of Koh Chang Marine National Park, the island opens its doors to signal for environmentally conscious visitors, whom can both appreciate and relish in its natural wonders.
          Koh Chang offers an array of activities for beach lovers and adventurous mountain trekkers alike. From elephant trekking, hiking and reveling in untouched rainforests, to sunbathing, snorkelling and diving—the island is the epitome of an arresting exotic getaway.
          The west coast of Koh Chang parades the clearest waters, and consists of the majority of accommodations. Namely, the notable beaches on the west of the island include Klong Son, Hat Sai Khai (White Sand), Klong Prao, Kai Bae, Bai Lan, Tha Nam (Lonely Beach), and Bang Bao. Whilst the west coast of Koh Chang has undergone rapid development to cater to the growing number of travellers, the east coast remains as it did decades ago.
          Accommodation on the island ranges from standard beach huts and bungalows to luxury villas, hotels, suites and apartments. If you wish to explore the island on your own, you can hire motorbikes, jeeps and cars to take you to any of the beaches along the coastal roads and in the evening, there are plenty of restaurants, live music bars and clubs for you to unwind.


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