Thailand Breaking the mould

Thailand Breaking the mould

X2 (Cross To), a member of Design Hotels, was launched in 2007. Design Hotels aims to be the /    \ first design resort and hotel chain in Thailand to break free from the traditional tropical design that has become synonymous with “Asian boutique”. In that spirit, X2 describes itself as “almost an anti-brand”, projecting a rebellious air, redefining style and focusing on unpretentious, simplistic cool.
Their first resort, X2 Kui Buri, opened in December of 2007. Located near the lifestyle destination of Hua Hin and three hours from Bangkok, X2 Kui Buri sits on 3.2 hectares of beachfront. Architect Duangrit Bunnag created the 23 units, including 4 bungalows, 15 pool villas, 2 deluxe pool villas, 1 suite villa and 1 owner’s villa—each with its own private terrace, garden and pool—also overseeing the interior and landscape design. Inspired by scattered pebbles on the beach, “mountain rock” from local quarries was used in the construction, creating an almost cave-like, rough and (down to) earthy feel.
Each X2 establishment is complemented by 4K (Fork) restaurant and bar, which serves an array of fusion dishes. Activities on offer include swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, mountain biking, golf, beach runs, meditation and spa services and seminar facilities. Many local points of interest lie only a short distance away. MFM



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