The Zign Hotel Pattaya

The Zign Hotel Pattaya

The Fine Art of Relaxing

          A masterpiece of a “de-3ign” art hotel, the Zign is flourished in the new journey of arts throughout the time, The sights and sounds of this idyllic retreat will bring you a memorable holiday experience enhanced by the subtle blend of a contemporary lifestyle and an enchanting heaven. Perched over lovely Wong Prachan Beach in the north of Pattaya City, this five-star property boasts 959 rooms in total. All rooms are divided into those in tropical villas (107) and those in three buildings (852), two of which are stunning 14-storey twins.

          The villas are superbly nestled in the midst of a dramatic tropical atmosphere with an adjacent swimming pool as a frontier and the buildings simply put in town on a different horizon. All types of accommodation are fitted with arty-crafty interiors and separated into art zones, each priding its own prestige, specialty and fully furnished with flashy guest facilities. The Zign is also endowed with an exclusive lounge, spa, fitness center and function rooms along with a scrumptious amalgam of dining outlets for all your gastronomic preferences.


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