Phuket paradise

Phuket Protecting your paradise

          It’s an odd feature of tropical home ownership. Many expatriates cash in nest eggs for a home and then fail to implement the basic security procedures—measures considered standard in their home country. These may be the type of people who drive motorbikes on Asian roads without helmets when they wouldn’t dream of leaving the safety of a sedan or SUV in America, Germany or Australia. They’re also the type who exasperate Elliot Klein.

          Klein started Phuket-based Maximum Security a year ago, and now offers his services as an experienced security consultant throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Abolishing the tough-guy stereotype of his trade, American national Klein is a three-piece-suit-wearing Buddhist who exudes an air of knowledgeable strength. And he’s passionate about perimeters, procedures and preventing the rise of a crime problem in Thailand and elsewhere in Asia. “If there’s one place I want to feel 100 percent safe, it’s in my own home.” Klein’s tone is at once warm and serious. “Developers need spend only a fraction of what they do on marketing and development on security. If they take the initiative, people with criminal minds will go elsewhere.” Through Maximum Security, Klein provides expert advice on security equipment and high-level training for security staff to prevent the all too common cases of three guards asleep in a booth or gates lifted to any and all passing vehicles.

          As well as providing advice to developers and builders, Maximum Security offers a range of services for existing residential and commercial properties. The first level of service for a home incorporates a thorough inspection followed by a detailed report outlining often inexpensive solutions for problem areas, some as simple as re-hinging doors.


Importantly, Maximum Security acts as an impartial consultant, and does not sell or provide any equipment, so they don’t benefit from recommending a fence you don’t need. Klein is an expert, not a salesman, and operates his business accordingly. He will act as a go-between for clients and providers, however, and imposes strict regulations on the region’s notoriously dodgy tradespersons to avoid nasty cost surprises or unnecessary disruptions. FS;


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